Certified Nogga Groomers and Resellers


A Certified Nogga grooming salon is not only a groomer that wants to sell / use our products, but it is a groomer that loves animals and wants the best for our pets. When you visit a Certified Nogga groomer you can be sure that this groomer will treat your pet as if it were their own.

Here you will find a list of accredited Nogga accredited grooming salons where you can go with your dog for our washing protocol, grooming, professional coat care advice for every coat type or the purchase of products to give your dog a spa sensation at home.

Nogga approved retailers are authorized to resell our products and work with our Nogga approved grooming salons.

Nogga approved grooming salons & amp; Sales outlets have a Nogga certificate with hologram.

Would you, as a groomer or retailer, want to sell or use our revolutionary skin care products? Click here for more information.e. 

Netherlands - Grooming salons

Dog massage & amp; Grooming salon KynoSpa
Spoorstraat 13, 7091zs Dinxperlo
For an appointment, please contact us via
Whatsapp: 063 323 6166 or email:info@kynospa.com
Nogga salon approval number: NL008

Grooming salon Francis
Boorstraat 111a
3513 SE Utrecht
For an appointment, please call 31 622 644 3900
Nogga salon approval number: NL010

Dog and Cat Grooming Salon Hettie
Molenstraat 48
8326 CX Sint Jans monastery Overijssell)
For an appointment, call us on 31 061 211 25633
Nogga salon approval number: NL015

Cat Grooming Salon and Cat Behavioral Therapy Understand Your Cat
Certified cat groomer
Graduated cat behavioral therapist
Lecturer specializations cat groomer
Recognized breed specialist for the Persian cat 25 years of experience preparing show preparation of different cat breeds
Notarisappel 179, 4007 ZD Tiel
For an appointment, please call Tel. 0031 344 630688 or 0031 6 48482339
Nogga salon approval number: NL019

Laura's Dog Hair Salon

Dorpstraat 40,8262CJ Kampen
For an appointment, please call on 31 6 28 16 97 833
Nogga salon approval number: NL020
Website -Facebook

Grooming salon Dominiska
Certified cat groomer and dog groomer in training
Pascalstraat 3, 1446 TH Purmerend
For an appointment, just call on 31 6 12 38 38 81
Nogga salon approval number: NL025
Website -Facebook

Jaydi's Grooming Salon for dogs and cats
Certified groomer
Followed and completed skin and coat specialization courses for dogs and cats
Napoleonsweg 1, 6081AA, Haelen
For an appointment, please call: 06-23753369
Or visit the website and contact us via the contact form.
Nogga salon approval number: NL023

Dog grooming salon Beauty Dog
Samuel Gerssenlaan 73,3861HC Nijkerk
For an appointment, please call 31 6 403947977
Nogga salon approval number: NL027

Grooming salon Tineke
Graduated dog groomer
Hazelaar 24 7421DA, Deventer
For an appointment, call / app to 31 651 520 3611
Nogga salon approval number: NL029

Dog grooming salon Veessen
Klaproosakker 4, 8194 LH Veessen
For an appointment, please call 31 578 795 037 or mobile: 31 613 685 9355 
Nogga salon approval number: NL032

Dog grooming salon Dorine
Certified Dog Groomer
Climbing garden 12, 8162 ZV Epe
For an appointment, please call 0622792927 
Nogga salon approval number: NL033


Poezels Cat hairdresser
Certified cat groomer, graduated cat behavioral therapist.
Groenewege 23.2211 DD Noordwijkerhout
Please call or whatsapp for an appointment Tel:06-22305074 email: info@poezelskattenkapper.nl
Nogga salon approval number: NL038
Website -Facebook


Grooming salon Ala Pluto
Hooionk 7,5694 PA Breugel
For an appointment, please call tel: 0031 6 53 30 78 30
Nogga salon approval number: NL021
Website -Facebook
Grooming salon Catified
Stationsweg 27
3247BW Dirksland The Netherlandsd)
For an appointment, please call tel:0031 6 21 16 64 37
Nogga salon approval number: NL047
Woudrichemstraat 2 at the Arnhem Vet
For an appointment, please call tel: 0031 6 42 30 85 06
Nogga salon approval number: NL048

The Netherlands -Selling points

Sharon's dog boarding housen

Deventerweg 54,7437 BK bathmen
Open by appointment
Doggy day care sharon@hotmail.com
Nogga Sales Point Approval number: NL026

Pet Zone
Groenendael 103, 8271 EE IJsselmuiden


Cat boarding & amp; De Merel health food store
Napoleonsweg 1 6081AA Haelen
Opening hours: Mon to Fri 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Sat 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Sun 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
E-mail -Website-Facebook
Nogga Sales point Approval number: NL031

Grooming salon the 3 Amigos
Studies / diplomas: Professional competence diploma for dog grooming October 2015
Specialization: Labradoodle and Goldendoodle
Certificates: T-touch for professionals
Poodle cut
Miniature Schnauzer
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Scottish Terrier
English Cocker Spaniel
Primal type and Spitz, Grooming posture, dogs relax in the Grooming Salon
Cut and thinning technique

Asian Grooming
Instagram course
Learn to watch a dog and improve your grooming job

Irma van Haandel-v.d Heijden
Fabritiuslaan 71, 5645 ER Eindhoven
Call 0031 for an appointment619 820 490
Nogga salon approval number: NL038
Website -Facebook

Belgium - Grooming salons

Stien's Doggy Wash
Eikelaarstraat 12, 3600 Genk
For an appointment, please call 0471 42 43 78
Nogga salon approval number: BE007

Milisstichel 3, 3201 Aarschot
For an appointment, please call 32 475 34 71 122
Nogga salon approval number: BE011

Grooming salon Shana Co
Rootjensweg 47, 9200 Grembergen Dendermonde)
For an appointment, send an email toshana@shana-co.be
Nogga salon approval number: BE006

Dog hair salon Snuffeltje 
Bijlevennen 14, 2260 Oevel westerloo)
For a date you can reach me at 0476/341722 or 014/729281
Nogga salon Approval number: BE014
Website -Facebook

Dog hair salon Furtastic
Wouterveld 83, 3850 Nieuwerkerken
Call 0032 115 91 901 for an appointment
Nogga salon Approval number: BE018
Like us on Facebook

Kerkstraat 41, 3370 Boutersem Kerkomm)
For an appointment please call 0032 494 940 327
Nogga salon Approval number: BE0

Goldenborders Dog Grooming
Is a grooming salon for all breeds where extra attention is paid to peace and trust between animal and groomer. In addition, we only work with shampoos based on natural ingredients. Respect for animals and nature are central to our daily operations.
Langstraat 31,3384 Attenrode
For an appointment, call 0032 476 84 74 30 or send an e-mail to Hondenzorg@goldenborders.be
Nogga salon approval number: BE024
Facebook -Website

Dog grooming salon Happy Feet 
Lichterveldestraat 63, 8750 Zwevezele
For an appointment call 032 485 17 28 82
Opening hours: shop open every day from 8h00 - 12h30 & amp; 13h30 - 18h30
Friday and Saturday only from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm
Coat care is by APPOINTMENT.
Nogga salon approval number: BE028
Facebook -Website

Dog hair salon Tyclean
Training Syntra Hasselt
Kerkstraat 24, 2235 Hulshout
For an appointment you can call 0494638345
Nogga salon approval number: BE039

KatSense - cats onlyn)
Cat grooming Toscanzahoeve + training cat behavioral therapist
Felinova Cats Matrix Pro
Nieuwstraat 37, 3370 Boutersem 
Please call for an appointment Tel: 0032 474 53 94 21 
Nogga salon approval number: BE040
Website -Facebook

Dog behavior guide
Kantstraat 62 2480 Dessel
For an appointment, please call Tel: 0032 487 926 692
Nogga salon approval number: BE042

Grooming salon finesse
13 years certified dog groomer 
Ettelgemstraat 71 8490 Jabbeke
Appointments can be made by telephone on 0032 476 595 256 or by email atinfo@trimsalonfinesse.be
Nogga salon approval number: BE043
Facebook -Website

BASTET - Cat Groomer
Voetbalstraat 29, 2560 Nijlen
Please call for an appointment Tel: 0032 497 634 567 
Nogga salon approval number: BE044
Website -Facebook


Wolvenpracht Grooming salon
Certified groomer
Molenstraat 24, 9130 Kieldrecht
For an appointment, please call the number: 32 494 48 32 055
Nogga salon approval number: BE045

the Hofhond
Diploma dog groomer obtained at Syntra
Bloesemstraat 15, 3840 Borgloon
You can reach me or make an appointment via:
+32 479 54 63 90 or by email:dehofhond@gmail.com
Nogga salon approval number: BE046


Grooming salon Dupla
Full-time day training dog grooming at Syntra Hasselt 2012-20133)
Specializations: Pomeranian
Koning Albertstraat 131, 2381 Weelde, Belgium
Please call the number for an appointment: 32 498 494 991 by e-mail: info@dupla.be
Nogga salon approval number: BE049
Fraterstraat 113, 9820 Merelbeke
Appointments can be made by phone at 32 9 232 00 42 or via our Contact Form. 
Nogga salon approval number: BE050
Facebook -Website


Belgium - Outlets

Casa di chihuahua
Sale of accessories
Adrialaan 18, 9990 maldegem
Open every day except Sunday
+32 479 43 50 22
Nogga Sales point Approval number: BE016

Woefie Dog supplies Hasselt
Kruisherenlaan 30, 3550 Hasselt
Open every day except Tuesday from 2-6pm8u
+32 478 72 67 57
Nogga Sales point Approval number: BE017

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