Become a Nogga Grooming Salon

 Becoming a Nogga Grooming Salon? 


Are you ready for a new perspective on animal grooming??

🐾 You use the only dermo cosmetic product available in Europe with natural active ingredients. The skin of the dogs / cats of your customers is getting healthier every time, so that they smell less or no more and get much less tangles.n.

🐾 You can also sell the products directly to your customers, for example the Biphasic spray and Quassia spray are good sellers, so you can also earn money on it. You can also sell the products at events.

🐾 Your knowledge about the function of the skin and how to support it with dermo cosmetic products is also expanded through seminars and training.

🐾 You are a step further than other groomers who "only wash animals" without adding anything to the skin or coat or worse, removing the fat layer.

🐾 We also send clients to you for trims, washes or skin therapies and if you are a specialist in a particular breed, we will also mention this on our site.

🐾 We have had more than 150,000 visits to our site from 01.01.2018 to today 

🐾 You also have access to a wealth of knowledge in our knowledge base with special access for professionals on how to tackle certain skin and coat problems with dermo cosmetic products.n.

And much more!


Get started right away Of course!!

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For professionals, we also have professional prices and 5 liter bottles available.

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