Double coats (Pomeranian/Pomeranian, long-haired Chihuahua etc)


These dogs are often said to be long-haired. In fact, their coat has different hair lengths at the same time which can range from 2mm to 30cm. These breeds are therefore not really long-haired. Their coat is a combination of a long, thick, silky coat and a limited amount of short, smooth coat. The longer areas of the coat tend to become tangled quickly and the skin can become irritated or infected from the lack of air circulation. The hair between the toes is long and, like the long fur on the body, can quickly get tangled. Moreover, because of these long hairs, dirt and sand easily get stuck between the toes, which can be very painful and uncomfortable for the dog.

Hair system

The longer hair and the outer coat collar, breeches, tail have mosaic hair. In principle, the undercoat sheds twice a year by block shedding, but this strongly depends on the climate in which the dog lives.t.


For general maintenance of healthy coats, the

the right products. We recommend using the Biphasic spray weekly, for drying and also before brushing to protect the coat from damage. This combination ensures that the skin receives the right nutrition and hydration to stay healthy, get through the moulting phase and quickly produce new healthy coat.


During the molt / after a litter / during the coat change period from puppy to adult:

We recommend mixing the Purifying shampoo with the Biohorse shampoo, after the shampoo the Olive balsam omega 3 & amp; Use 6 conditioner and the Biphasic leave in conditioner for drying and brushing.en. 

In these cases, we recommend that you use ourprotocol for coat growth to follow. This is also always sent in the box with an order of Biohorse shampoo.


Use the products according to our tutorial:

If you have any questions, send us a chat!

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