How often can I wash my pet?

As often as you want!

"But washing too often is bad after all""

The biggest mistake is not bathing our pets; it is the product we wash them with. Many shampoos are packed with strong cleansers and fragrances that are particularly harsh on the skin. When using this type of product, the good moisturizing factors are removed from the skin. Exposing the skin in this way can lead to a plethora of skin problems; dryness, sensitivity, itching, inflammation, aging, etc. And the more stressed the skin, the weaker and more sensitive it becomes.

The most important part of skin care is to have the right ingredients in the right concentrations for the best results.

Nogga is the only product currently available in Europe that uses organic natural active ingredients capable of supplying the skin with the nutrition it needs from the outside.

With Nogga you can even bathe your pet daily if you wish.

Healthy skin is a healthy coat.

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