The difference

What sets Nogga apart from the rest?

Unlike other brands, we apply the same principles to our pets that have been applied to humans for years. We take care of the skin and coat in the same way as human skin care and hair care products.


It is old-fashioned to simply wash the coat when it is now possible to nourish and care for the skin as well. Since 2006 we have been available all over Europe to improve skin health while improving the coat health of hundreds of thousands of pets.

Surprisingly, we are the only product in Europe that uses natural active ingredients already present in healthy skin in the formulation that penetrate the top layer of the skin and bring the nutrients to exactly where they are needed to be most effective. to be. This not only maintains the natural balance of the skin, but also strengthens it.t.

We use actives proven in human skin care products to improve skin texture and firmness. We have formulated our products with a long list of proven micronutrients such as vitamin C antioxidant, age buster micronutrient: Retinol vitamin A, which significantly improves skin firmness, just to name a

It is also well known that supplementing omega fats is good for skin and coat health, which is why we have also added vegetable omega 3, 6 and essential fatty acids EFAs to our conditioners.d.

To reap the full benefits of a nutrient, it must be applied topically. When a nutrient is consumed, it is used first by the internal organs and very little, if present, gets to the skin. When applied directly to the skin in the right formulation, the skin can absorb the nutrient and make full use of it.n.

Healthy balanced skin and a beautiful strong healthy coat..


What happens when the skin loses its natural balance??

As a result, skin complaints. Skin problems arise because the natural balance of the skin and its flora are disrupted and unbalanced.Click here to continue reading.

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