Allergies and skin complaints

Losing the natural balance of the skin

Skin problems result from a loss of the skin's natural balance. The skin then becomes weak and prone to external factors; such as allergens.

Disrupting the skin's natural balance is bad news for our pets. It can cause itching, which in turn causes micro-scrapes and wounds on the skin. The skin's immune system is compromised, allowing bacteria and yeast to grow out of control. This causes even more itching and the skin quickly enters a vicious cycle.

All pets can suffer from skin problems. However, some breeds seem to be more sensitive than others. Some breeds are very sensitive to itching and dry skin. Other breeds tend to get greasy, itchy, and produce an unpleasant odor. Golden Retrievers can suffer from "Golden Ichthyosis: Black Rose. Pomeranians can shed their fur, French Bulldogs, West Highland White Terrier often suffer from yeast / bacterial infections. These are just a few examples of conditions that our pets can suffer from.n.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, our pets suffer from skin issues when we realize that dogs' skin is 7x thinner than human skin. A cat's skin is even more sensitive as it is an incredible 13x thinner than human skin. Our pets' skin is the body's largest organ. The body weight of adult animals is 12 skin, the body weight of a newborn puppy can reach 24 skin.d.

It is crucial to take care of the natural balance of the skin.

How are skin problems conventionally treated?

Very often, skin problems are 'treated' by suppressing the symptoms. Usually antibiotics, cortisone tablets or creams / medicated shampoos are prescribed as a solution. However, the use of these types of treatments rarely leads to a long-term solution.n.

Cortisone slows down the skin's renewal process, this slows down the multiplication of the problem, but does not solve the underlying problem; the loss of the skin's natural balance. This is because slowing down the renewal of the skin can have more serious consequences: a diseased skin cannot grow new hair. This means that the delicate skin is now even more exposed, further weakening it and leaving it vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections. It causes more itching and the cycle continues.

In these cases, a medicated shampoo will often be suggested. The skin is then completely disinfected with aggressive ingredients such as chlorhexidine. All bad, but also all good bacteria and yeasts are removed. This further disrupts the natural balance of the skin as the skin is not and should never be a sterile environment.

The skin naturally contains millions of microorganisms that form the natural skin flora balance and live in a symbiotic relationship with their host: your pet. This is a mutually beneficial relationship and creates the natural barrier of defense against external factors.  

When your pets' barrier is compromised, it is important to restore it as soon as possible. Maintaining the skin's hydration level is an important part of treating skin problems.

How Nogga supports the skin?

Nogga plays an important role in supporting and promoting the skin's barrier of defense also known as the fat layer. Nogga supplies the skin with all the ingredients it needs to soothe the skin and return it to its natural balance. Our products are formulated with vegetable proteins, vitamins and minerals that improve skin elasticity, help renew cells and promote hair growth. The omega fats and EFAs in our conditioners support and strengthen the skin's immune system and help regulate the sebaceous glands and regulate the inflammatory response.tie.

Once the balance is restored, the coat will regrow, protecting the skin from the external elements.

Contact us for a personalized care plan for your pet..

* Before recommending a care plan, we recommend that your pet is first checked by a veterinarian and that you receive an accurate diagnosis. There are many diseases that masquerade as skin problems and cannot be diagnosed just by looking at your pet. Nogga care plans are not a substitute for medical care and it may be necessary to supplement a care plan with medication.

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