Gezonde huid hebben? Voed de microben!

Have healthy skin? Feed the microbes!

I came across a very interesting article entitled "Want Healthy Skin Get dirty!"'

Euhh ..!!

Improving skin health has a direct effect on coat health and this is exactly what we do at Nogga. As humans, we've all heard about good-for-you-friendly 'probiotic bacteria, the ones disguised as milky drinks and boosting your intestinal health, energy and immune system..

But did you realize that the skin has its own surface population of billions of microbes called the 'microbiome skin', to keep it clear and glowing And when things are not so well balanced, it is often an imbalance of these microbes that causes Our skin has over 1000 microbial species living on its surface that are crucial in many skin cell processes.sen.
They help cells communicate and they modulate an overexcited immune response, preventing rashes and allergic reactions from happening. We are only recently beginning to understand how much our skin can benefit from these bacteria. '

And this applies to both humans and dogs. When our skin is healthy, it glows and is beautiful; When our dog's skin is healthy, the coat is glowing and beautiful.

To have beautiful healthy skin in humans, we need to cleanse and moisturize, the same goes for dogs for a healthy coat.t.

For cleansing in dogs we use a shampoo:
 'Overcleaning is a problem' But it is about the products that we wash with and not about washing itself. It is only when cleaning is turned into a disinfection exercise that problems arise.
A cleanser must be strong enough to remove the dirt, but sensitive enough not to disturb the ecosystem on the skin. At Nogga we only add to the ecosystem, we never take anything away.

Nogga shampoos also have "agebuster" such as retinol, a derivative of vitamin A that stimulates collagen production and cell turnover which is anti-aging in itself, but working together with the Omega fats of the balsams makes this effect even stronger.r.
Moisturizing for dogs we use a balsam / mask:
Our balsams are full of Omega 3 & amp; 6 fats and EFA's essential fatty acids. When applied to the skin, they have a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect and add to the complex of lipids, acids and organisms that protect the skin from toxins, irritants and bad microbes.n.

'To fully utilize the benefits of a nutrient, it must be applied topically', which is why they work so well in our shampoos, balsams and masks. Nogga unlike other shampoos and balsams has been scientifically developed to penetrate the skin and supply the hair follicle with nutrients.n.
Let's take C vitamins as an example: taking the nutrient distributes it between all of your organs - but it doesn't reach the skin. So if you apply it directly to the skin, all the benefits will be reaped there and not elsewhere.
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