West Highland White Terrier en de Nogga Vet lijn

West Highland White Terrier and the Nogga Vet line

Which products should you use? There is so much choice! So what's the beste?

- RV shampoo?

- SB shampoo?

- Revital Balsam?

Westies, due to "X" genetic causes, seem to lead to seborrhea disorders. A wash protocol will not treat the atopy or genetic problems. But it will treat the symptoms that cause them.

What symptoms do they cause?

Dry or oily skin, itching, wounds caused by scratching, staphylococci and malassezia yeast and bacteria benefit from the weakened anti-inflammatory system that causes even more problems .....

Which Revital product covers the above?

Revital SB shampoo of course! If the infection is bad, it is wise to wash a few times with RV first to lower the bacteria levels ozone can also be used. Always finish with the Revital Balsam.m.

A Westie without skin problems should not be washed with the Vet Line as standard. We recommend using the Purifying shampoo and Lavender Balsam every 15 days for optimal maintenance of their sensitive skin.

If the skin becomes irritated or red after plucking, we recommend using Stripping shampoo POST plucking.


Background information:

The background information below is important to understand so that you can correctly choose the correct washing protocol for a Westie with skin problems.

Years ago, Nogga was asked by a world-renowned and renowned West Highland white terrier specialist, to formulate a product that would solve skin problems specifically for Westies. The usual diagnosis was "Malassezia", which causes intense itching, scratching wounds and infection by staphylococcus bacteria.).

Nogga designed a shampoo that treated the symptoms, it was called Revital nothing else, fit was the only thing. It was a dual action shampoo; with ingredients known for their anti-bacterial and anti-malassezia properties. An immense success, skin tests confirmed that the levels of bacteria and malassezia levels were dramatically reduced, visibly and immediately improving the quality of life of affected Westies.e.

However, their problems were present again, the itching would flare up again after calming down. They would get better and then worse. We then decided to expand the Revital range to solve this problem.

The Revital Vet line was born. Composed of the original Revital shampoo renamed to:

Revital RV Shampoo: The same formula was kept and we added ingredients known for their anti-itch properties. This converted the RV shampoo into a product that uses ingredients known for their antibacterial, anti-itch and anti-malassezia properties.

Revital SB Shampoo: It contains ingredients known for regulating the sebaceous glands. They ensure the correct functioning of the sebaceous glands. It is used against dandruff and against overproduction of sebum-rich fat. It also contains ingredients known for their antibacterial properties more maintenance than troubleshooting, itchiness, anti malassezia and it is rich in zinc, a mineral known to be essential for keratin renewal of the skin.uid.

Last but certainly not least in the care and maintenance of reactive skins in the Westie breed it is:

Revital Balsam: Its use is essential always and without exceptions after using the correct shampoo. It is rich in Omegas which are known to regulate the skin's anti-inflammatory system and create new defense mechanisms. Contains Aloe Vera, known for its soothing and itchy properties.n.


For the correct washing protocol for your pet, we recommend that you contact us directly.

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