Verkleuring rond de ogen, waarom gebeurd het?

Discoloration around the eyes, why does it happen?

There are several possible causes, namely: changing teeth, the pH of the stomach which is determined by the food, the drinking water is too hard, etc. The spots are usually visible as red / brown colored under the eyes and occur in various varieties. The discoloration is mainly caused by yeast. When the hair shaft is open, the moisture under the eyes remains stuck and in combination with the body temperature this is a perfect flora for the growth of bacteria.

How can we fix this?

Try to use food without grains as much as possible and make sure that the teeth are and remain well cared for.

Check the hardness of the water in your area this can be done through the water company, if too hard use bottled water or a water filter to soften the water. The pH of hard water is always basic compared to soft water that has a higher acid content. Soft water increases the acidity of the dog's body and naturally kills the bacteria around the eyes.r.

It is very important to take good care of the eye area as bacteria can attach to the hair shaft if it is open. To prevent this, we advise to dry the area well andBiphasic spray to apply. Biphasic spray closes the hair shaft and prevents bacteria and minerals from attaching to the hair and causing discoloration. The results are usually visible after 3 weeks as we can only repair the hair and protect the new hair from discoloration. Fortunately, once all the damaged hair has fallen out around the eyes, the new hair protected by Biphasic spray will repel water and dirt and keep the area nice and clean.n.

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