Plukken - luxe of noodzaak?

Picking - luxury or necessity?

Proper technique is essential for plucked dogs. A woolly or soft plucked coat can be restored.

When a plucking coat is more woolly than coarse due to improper plucking techniques, it is important that plucking sessions are light and frequent.


The skin is an organ and the more stressed it is, the worse it can deal with it. The skin has many functions such as regulating heat and the immune system to create the coat. If the skin is stressed, this can lead to skin complaints such as foliculitis, sebum gland problems, etc.

That's why light and frequent picking is the answer here. It is better to pluck a small amount of fur weekly than to pluck the whole dog every 6 weeks.

When picking we first use the Coat King and then the picking knife. After picking we wash withstripping shampoo, this is a very important step because folliculitis is more common in dogs that need to fully repair the coat. We use shampoo after strippingBioHorse shampoo to stimulate coat growth. And finally theOlive balsam for hydration and the essential addition of omega 3 and 6 fats.

Using the right products AFTER picking is very important. It is often felt that washing after plucking is bad because the dogs often get skin irritation or "plucking fever". Consider when we shave or wax our own skin, the use of the right care product is a must to prevent these types of skin complaints. The problem is not the washing itself, but the product that is used for this.

Plucking is not a luxury for the wirehaired dog, it is essential.

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