Ozon therapie voor dieren

Ozone therapy for animals

SPA, comes from the Latin word "Salus per Aquam", which means health through water. When we talk about spa therapy we are referring to all forms of health care where water is the most important ingredient. This is a topic for everyone as every treatment is accompanied by "bath therapy" be it for normal health, skin / coat improvement, coat growth, alopecia X, parasite infections, skin infections, allergies ... etc.

SPA treatment with Ozone therapy, uses the option of adding Ozone to the water. This has multiple benefits for the skin by promoting the elimination of toxins and allowing us to work deeply on the skin. This stimulates the peripheral blood flow flushing in such a way that the use of the Classic, Omega and Revital products penetrate and distribute more efficiently and quickly over the skin.d.

Ozone therapy is a natural therapy that has grown in human medicine. It consists of applying a gas Ozone O3 for therapeutic purposes.n.

Via Nogga's revolutionary method, we add ozone directly to the water flow through our "micro-bubble" technology. Our system is innovative because ozone gas is normally unstable in water and the effect lasts only a few minutes. By applying ozone directly to the water flow, we optimize the effect and save time because there is no need to fill a bathtub. By applying ozone in this way we extend the time that the ozone stays on the skin. The Ozone is applied when wetting the dog Ozone remains on the skin while the shampoo absorbs, the Ozone is then reapplied when washing out the shampoo and later remains on the skin again while the conditioner is absorbed and reapplied in washing out the Balsam.sam.

What are the advantages?
1. Very good antioxidant, slows down the aging process of cells, promotes oxygen supply to cells
2. Heals scars and burns
3. Germicidal property disinfectant, eliminates fungi, bacteria and virusesen
4. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect
5. Promotes circulation by activating the metabolism of red blood cells and transporting more oxygen to the cell. This is extremely helpful in the case of alopecia, because ozone oxygenates the tissues and activates the metabolism of fatty acids and promotes circulation
6. Stimulates the immune system, by stimulating white blood cells this increases the body's defenses against external attacks.

We consider ozone therapy to be very effective to add to the bath therapy for the following skin complaints:
Acne puppies’s)
Dermatitis of any origing)
Support with scars from wounds after surgery or after trauma
To swear
Vulva infections
Fungal infection

Ozone therapy is a natural therapy that does not leave toxic residues in the body because ozone is converted into oxygen and has very few side effects, it is really not recommended for use in pregnancy, hyperthyroidism and of course an allergy to ozone.

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