Voorkomen is een stuk effectiever

Prevention is a lot more effective

“Nogga is for problem coats only”

Nonsense! Prevention is better than cure anyway?

3 of our 4 product lines are designed to support healthy skin, with a direct effect on the coat. Nutri-cosmetic products are designed for long-term care as opposed to their cosmetic counterparts that focus on the short-term effect.

Nutri-cosmetic products are not designed for immediate effect, they will not repair a damaged coat a day before a show or add volume to a coat that has no volume. What they do do is provide the skin with everything it needs to develop the best possible coat.

Just like with humans, it takes time, patience and persistence to become and stay healthy. Expect an anti-wrinkle cream to make 100 of all your wrinkles disappear in one applicationn?

It is important to understand the difference between the 2 types of shampoos:

  • Nutri-cosmetic products such as Nogga
  • Cosmetic products

Nutri-cosmetic products create and maintain the perfect environment for the skin to create the best possible coat. The term Nutri-cosmetic refers to supplements that can support the skin in function and quality. They can refine structure, increase firmness and support skin and coat improvement.

There are many macro and micronutrients available, which have been proven through numerous medical scientific studies to help create this environment for the skin.

For example, micronutrients such as Retinol Vitamin A can clearly improve the firmness, while micronutrients such as vitamin C show an anti-oxidative effect. In addition, a good ratio of nutrients such as Omega-3 is indispensable for beautiful skin without skin problems. Not every animal immediately experiences skin problems or physical complaints due to a deficiency, but if the animal has a weak link in the body, this can worsen or even cause the complaints.ken.

Cosmetic products just like with make-up can very quickly give an optically perfect effect. In a wash, the coat becomes radiant white, volume can be quickly recreated, etc.c.

All of this comes with a price tag. What the skin and coat needs most is sacrificed: Hydration

Does this mean that one type of product is better than the other. Absolutely not..

Just like a good moisturizer and foundation, these complement each other. And the healthier the skin in general, the less make-up will be needed😉

Keep your pet's skin and coat shiny and healthy with Nutri-cosmetic products and, if needed, use high quality cosmetic products for a big day like a show!

Always make sure that enough hydration is provided to the coat and skin after the show.d.

The future of pet care starts now!Nogga is the only product available in Europe, with organic natural active ingredients capable of supplying the skin with the nutrition it needs from the outside.

Learn more about the importance of skin hydration here.

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