Mijn hond wassen met iets anders dan hondschampoo - goed of slecht?

Washing my dog with something other than dog shampoo - good or bad?

This can be a bit controversial, we often hear that we can wash our dogs with laundry detergent, baby shampoo or vinegar to name a few things. Often we also hear that "if it's good for us, it should be good for our dogs too".".

Still Wrong!!

It may come as no surprise to learn that dogs are not the same as us, their skin pH is different, their stomach pH is different, their skin thickness is different, and their skin grows a lot more hair than the ours to name just a few differences. So also not surprising that they have different care needs than people.n.

Washing a dog with dish soap, what happens?
Dishwashing liquid is made to remove grease, essentially it is a degreaser. The skin on a human's palms is 4mm thick and is the thickest skin on our body. But even with our thick skin on our hands, it often happens that your skin is dry after washing up.

Washing a dog with a baby shampoo, what happens?
Baby shampoo is made for babies, babies have thinner skin than adults and thus require gentler care than adults. Gently clean and nourish to keep skin supple. Basically, baby skin needs a different gentler care for mature skin.d.

So how do we apply this to dogs?
Dogs are different from humans and need different care; I repeat it again because it is so important to understand. The dog's skin is between 3-5 cells at its thickest compared to our 10-15 cells. Unlike our skin on our body, a dog's skin also needs to grow fur, so we need to provide our dogs' skin with the right nutrition and a baby product is not designed for this. This is also why we should never remove the fat layer from our dog. Sometimes people find that for really fatty dogs it is okay to use a degreasing product because it is the fastest solution to remove the fat. This sounds correct, but we must first ask where the fat comes from. Excess fat production occurs when the sebaceous glands are working too hard and removing the fat does not help resolve the problem. It actually makes the problem worse.r.

The Nogga method of working is to add fat to the skin; This calms the sebaceous glands and stops the overproducing of fat so that we solve the problem from the source.

When we choose a product for ourselves, we choose one based on our needs and we all need different things. People use products according to hair type; curly or straight. We choose products based on our skin type; Fat, dry, combination and the list goes on. A product that works well for one person cannot work for another person at all and this is something we accept for people.

And for dogs?
We have to choose a product based on our dog's needs; A Doberman and a Pomeranian have distinctly different needs when it comes to grooming; But the basics are the same. They both need hair to protect the skin. And hair growth starts in the skin in the hair follicles.

A derma cosmetic / nutri cosmetic product such as Nogga has been developed to penetrate the skin and provide the hair follicle with nutrients. Inside each hair follicle is a sebaceous gland that contains sebum. Sebum is made from various fats and creates a barrier on the skin known as the "fat layer", this layer is made of essential flora and bacteria including sebum that protects, keeps and balances the skin.d.

The sebum gets on the skin and hair thanks to the arrector pili muscle that vibrates this muscle is the reason why we get goosebumps and distributes the sebum evenly over the skin and hair and keeps it hydrated. Nogga balances the skin in the same way that a probiotic balances the gut by bringing the flora into its natural balance.. 

Nogga is formulated with the same ingredients that are naturally necessary for skin health and hair growth; omega fats, fatty acids, biotin, retinol, vitamin E, vitamin B, proteins, minerals and much more. By adding these essential ingredients directly into the skin and directly into the hair follicle and sebaceous glands, the skin gets all the benefits right away. We do not remove the fat layer, we only add.

Healthy skin, a healthy coat..
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