Ichthyosis bij de Golden Retriever

Ichthyosis in the Golden Retriever

GoldenIchthyosisis a harmful and incurable hereditary disease. The first symptoms are manifested between 1 and 18 months due to the multiplication of large dandruff. These are visible on the back and stomach and the skin is dry, flaky and hyperpigmented.

About 50 of the Golden Retrievers in Europe are carriers of the genetic mutation responsible for it Ichthyosis.

The good news is that this disease responds very well to our washing protocols and it is possible to permanently remove and control the symptoms with the Nogga Vet line..

GoldenIchthyosisand Nogga the required products::

  • SB Shampoo
  • Revital balsam

Method: wash with undiluted SB shampoo and massage it into the skin in the direction of the fur's growth. Rinse and dilute the Revital balm to 50, apply and use a brush to distribute the balm evenly. Make sure it reaches the skin. During the first two washes, both shampoo and balm require 15-20 minutes to work on the skin before rinsing. Subsequent washes require 5-10 minutes..

Repeat this weekly. After the first wash, the condition will improve. However, in the first month between weeks 3 and 4, it is normal for the amount of dandruff falling from the skin to increase dramatically. This is no setback; it is the healthy renovation of the skin cells. Once this peeling has stopped and the skin is healthy again, the dog will need maintenance treatments once a month for the rest of his life with SB Shampoo and Revital balsam. This will keep the peeling under control and the bad smell won't return.ren.

* For best results, we recommend that a professional groomer perform this therapy.

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