Hydratatie van de huid en vacht

Hydration of the skin and coat

The concept for humans is well understood, we drink water and we moisturize our skin. Some people need more creams and care than others and we understand this because we are all different. We also understand the concept of hydration in plants, some plants even live in water because their hydration needs are so great and cacti, on the other hand, need very little water to survive.

But how does this concept work with our dogs' coat
What does hydration mean for the hair?

Well-hydrated hair is strong, and by strong we mean flexible. Think of a branch, if the plant is healthy and we try to break it, it doesn't break easily. What happens when the plant is dry The branch is brittle and breaks easily in our fingers..

Dry hair is hair without shine, hair that tangles easily and breaks easily. Often times we get into a cycle where we often have to brush our dogs because they tangle quickly .. but the coat tangle quickly because it is dry, dry hair is damaged hair and brushing damages the hair even more which only makes it worse.n.

Oxidation is also a sign of a damaged coat, the red / orange discoloration that we often see around the eyes, mouth, feet, etc. It happens because the haircuticle is open, dirt and moisture remains and yeast easily accumulates in these areas because these places are warm and wet at the same time.

Prevention is better than cure, because we cannot regenerate the coat, we can only fix it. Biphasic spray helps to seal the hair cuticle making it as water resistant as possible again. Ultimately, its main function is to protect the new hair from the same problem. With the shampoo and balm we provide all the hydration the skin needs to keep the hair healthy and with the Biphasic spray we seal the hair cuticles to ensure that it does not dry out.t.

That is why we recommend applying the Biphasic spray before brushing and before drying, both actions can damage the coat with the result, leaving the hair cuticle open. Seals the hair cuticle thanks to its macromolecules which have a high capacity to restore the condition, protects against the sun, pollution and heat anything that can dry and damage the hair. Thanks to its active ingredients Quaternized Honey and Panthenol, it provides all the hydration and nutrients needed for healthy hair.aar.
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