Het gaat niet helemaal perfect met de huid van mijn hond... hulp!

It's not going quite perfectly with my dog's skin ... help!

How often do you read that someone asks advice for their dog with skin or coat problems. Sometimes because their dog is constantly molting or sometimes they ask for advice in case of serious problems. Maybe you have a dog with skin problems caused by allergies or a disease. Like everyone else, you've followed many different types of advice from vets or strangers on social media without a complete, long-term solution to the problem for your dog.hond.

Your dog's diet is good, you provide supplements, you brush a lot or not at all and most likely even wash your dog with a veterinary shampoo or other product.

But the problems don't go away completely. Why not?
It is often thought that as long as the diet is correct, all problems will be solved. Reality shows that this is not always the case. The skin is the largest organ and also the only external organ. Why should it be enough to only supply the smaller internal organs with nourishment and not the largest external organ Do we consider a healthy diet in itself to be sufficient for our skinid?
Of course, different people have different needs. What works for me doesn't work for my friend and so on. However, this is the same with our pets. Some dogs experience little or no skin complaints and some dogs / breeds suffer a lot from complaints.

The answer to the problem is incredibly simple: balance. To function properly, the skin must be in perfect balance.

How can we achieve balance?
Going back to basics, we've already determined your dog's diet is correct. If not, start there. How about grooming your dog Are you using a product that balances and nourishes the skin Probably not, otherwise you wouldn't read this::) 

Unfortunately, unlike humans, there are not many products on the market that put skin first. Most of the products available are only targeting the coat and cleaning it or for more volume, shine, whiter coats etc. They can also be medicated veterinary shampoos designed to remove the symptoms rather than the problem to treat: an imbalance. Products that remove EVERYTHING from the skin, that is, disinfect, can also upset its natural balance. Strong skin can usually recover. Weaker skins, on the other hand, have difficulty repairing or do not recover at all and lose their natural balance. This ultimately results in skin / coat problems.n.

Products aimed at the balance of the skin and coat promote healthy skin. These balance out unbalanced skins by putting all the proteins, vitamins, minerals, omega 3 and 6 fats and essential fatty acids in the right place: directly into the skin. Eliminate the itchiness of itchy skin, regulate and not remove fat production in oily skin! Build the immune system of allergic skins and improve and regenerate healthy skins. All of this results in the best possible coat for your dog. The most important part of skin care is to have the right ingredients in the right concentrations for the best results.t.

At the moment there is only one product in Europe that can do this, Nogga! Get in touch for a personalized care plan for your dog as every dog deserves to be treated as the individual it is.

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