Jouw dier wassen begint met de juiste shampoo

Washing your animal starts with the right shampoo

Help! My dog needs a freshening up!

It's that time of the year again, the days are getting longer, our hikes are getting more adventurous and of course swimming just got a lot more fun! The birds are singing, the grass is growing, the air is fresh and our dogs ... well, they smell less fresh.

It's also that time of year when we walk into a pet store to pick up dog shampoo, as the outside world seems to be invading our homes faster. While nature is fantastic, we don't want our dogs and homes to smell like a swamp!! 

The warmer weather is great as we can easily wash even our biggest furry friends in the garden or the smaller friends in our bathrooms. It is quite an adventure for both, to make that "smell fresh again!"!"

Too much choice, which is correct Not everything!!

As soon as you walk into the pet store you feel a little spoiled for choices. Have you ever thought how many different types of shampoo you can buy nowadays From Bubblegum fragrances to products that intensify coat color ... it's almost aisle like at the supermarket, only full of pet shampoos though! What to buy There is so much choice! So how do you make the right choice for your petdier?

1. Animal fur is not human skin.

First, it's important to know that pet products are not made like human products. The pet industry is unregulated and even the best smelling shampoos can be bad for our pets.
You may now have doubts whether single use can really be that harmful. We are not exaggerating No: unfortunately this is the reality. 

Much care and research is done on products for humans, little on animals. And even then; we as humans are relatively stronger than our pets. Our skin is 7x thicker than that of our dogs. This means even for that one-off wash, that it remains very important to choose the best product for your dog! Maybe "once is not as harmless" as you think.kt.

2. Washing a lot or a little?

We've all heard someone say it's bad to bathe your dog often. But have you ever wondered why this myth is so persistent about it? Indeed, a product that has not been carefully formulated to care for your pet's skin is not appropriate for our sensitive friends. He damages their skin and can remove the fat layer. Removing this essential fat layer can cause your pet to smell worse after a bath is familiar to you.oor?).

The skin can start to itch, your pet can get hot spots and in the worst case your pet needs a vet. After reading through all these doom scenarios you might indeed think maybe it is better not to bathe my pet ”. Fortunately, that is not the case at all! Just like for us humans, there are products available that care for the skin and coat that nourish, and make your pet smell wonderful! And grooming is important, so it is not bad to wash your dog often. It is wrong to use the wrong products, and it is certainly wrong not to take care of the skin and coat.gen. 

"hond met strik"

3. What should I do?

The challenge is to know exactly what you are looking for! And the biggest challenge is not to buy the entire range!
It doesn't matter whether you bathe your pet once a year or once a week. It is always important to choose the right product, so the best product for your dog: a product that takes care of the skin and coat.

4. Advice

Nogga has developed products that do both: care for the skin and care for the coat! The products will gently cleanse, nourish and moisturize the skin, so that your pet is not only fresh, but above all can maintain the best possible health for skin and coat!

NOGGA products are carefully formulated to provide the perfect care for every pet, big and small. We recommend leaving out the guesswork and opting for security in skin and coat care.

Ask our professional for advice trimmers, or follow a workshop or webinar about washing and caring for coat and skin!

Discover our products for the skin and coat of dogs and cats, recommended by top groomers.

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