Dwergkeesjes en ruien - is zo veel vacht verlies normaal?

Dwarf shrubs and moulting - is so much coat shedding normal?

The Pomeranian / Pomeranian

A dwarf keeshond is part of the Spitz family and has a natural double coat. The Pomeranian is known for its coat, very long and voluminous with a thick undercoat. The F.C.I describes these as long, straight, voluminous top coat and a short thick undercoat.t.

What does this mean in moulting?

A natural double coat is a coat that sheds with the seasons. This applies to both males and females. Females also have a molt period during heat and an extreme molt after giving birth to puppies. When moulting, they lose almost all of the undercoat and only keep a thin top coat on the body.m.

Puppies also have extreme molting phases. The moment will come where you will wonder what kind of dog you have bought and whether you should perhaps visit the vet this stage is known as the uglies! During this period all puppy fur sheds to make room for the adult coat.ht.

The uglies / moulting phase is when you as an owner, more than ever, have to take care of the skin and coat! what you do during this time will have a major impact on how quickly the old coat sheds and how quickly the new coat grows. At this point the puppy coat MUST come off! This is not only normal, but a natural necessity.

What should you do as an owner?

Helping this phase: brush your little dog more than usual. Use the right brushes / combs! Also, when brushing, use a protective spray such as the Nogga Biphasic spray to moisturize and protect the new coat. Wash your dog more than you normally would. At this point in time, a premium derma cosmetic product can provide many benefits to your dog's skin and coat. When you use the right products, the moulting phase will pass faster. The old coat sheds faster so that the new coat can grow back faster. We recommend the Nogga Purifying shampoo and Olive balsam, which is packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 & amp; 6 fats. Your dog's skin will get the boost it needs to let go of the old coat so that new coat can grow.

Don't be afraid to brush your dog. Don't be afraid to remove the puppy's fur. Your puppy is now going through a transformation from caterpillar to butterfly and they need your help!

If there are any questions about the condition of your dog's coat, for example if it is still short and woolly around 8-12 months of age or older, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have more than 10 years of experience with the skin and coat.ht.

We wish you a fast moulting phase!

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