Je hond drogen na het wassen - belangrijk ja of nee?

Drying your dog after washing - important yes or no?

Drying your dog after washing - important!

Nogga is dedicated to good coat care. According to our philosophy, taking care of and nourishing the skin is central. That way, that skin can maintain itself healthy on its own.

Hygiene is a much-discussed topic: In addition to specific products per coat type, there are also Nogga always room for questions and tailor-made advice. Although the theme of washing is often central, we see little attention for what happens immediately after washing.

The art of drying

The way in which water affects the skin and coat when bathing a dog or cat is not the same as the effect of water while swimming, or water from walking in the rain. When we bathe a pet, we ensure that the water reaches the skin. This allows us to cleanse and nourish the skin, provided we naturally use the right products for this.

Then it is time for drying. Some now like to grab the towel and sometimes rub it roughly over the coat, from front to back and from back to front.n.

But beware, this rough rubbing can seriously negate the care and effort that you put into the washing procedure: the hair can break and the intended coat care sometimes remains a good intention.g.

How to dry the dog

Let's air dry our pet Do we use our hair dryer Do we buy a special dryer for dogs What is the best approach, and whyrom?

hond drogen

Air dry, pay attention

The 'easiest' way is to air dry our pet. Although it is easy, we do not recommend this for animals with healthy skin and certainly not for dogs with irritated or sick skin..

As we have already described above, the water penetrates deeper into the skin during washing. Air-drying our pet keeps the skin of our darlings moist and, combined with body heat, can lead to unbalanced yeast build-up in no time. A pet with healthy skin can handle this better because the skin is in a better condition and cannot be taken by surprise so easily. A pet with sick skin can quickly develop heavy yeasts.

Yeast occurs naturally on the skin, it is part of the skin flora and lives in symbiosis with the other flora on the skin. This means that our dog's skin and flora have a mutually beneficial relationship and both need each other in order to survive. The sebum produced by the sebaceous glands helps, among other things, to nourish the skin flora. But when too much sebum sebum is produced, or too little, it creates an imbalance and we develop skin problems. More on this later.r.

Your own hair dryer, preferably not

Second option is to use our own hair dryer on our pets. However, experience shows that depending on the coat type it is often almost impossible to dry your pet in this way. These hair dryers are not designed for the density and type of coat growth of animals. They are often too hot even on the lowest heat setting and take a long time to dry even part of the coat. This also causes unnecessary unrest.ust.

For example, for an adult Pomeranian it takes about 2 hours to get it almost completely dry with a hairdryer on the lowest setting. With our own hairdryers, we take way too long to get them completely dry, we risk burning our pet's sensitive skin and can easily leave the skin moist and warm - remember the yeast !. Also this option is not ideal for healthy skin, but a disaster for sick or already affected skin.d.

hond drogen

The water blower

By far the most ideal option, and depending on the coat type the only one that is recommended, is to purchase a hair dryer water blower / combi dryer designed for our pet, if we want to wash our pet at home ourselves.n.

The towel

If a good hairdryer or a groomer is not an option at all, rub the dog dry with a towel to remove any excess water and take the dog for a walk. The heat from the body will aid the drying process, as will the air movement through walking. Do not fear the art of handling the towel correctly is not that difficult at all, but it is important!!

Simply press the towel gently over the body in the direction of coat growth to remove any excess water.

The professional

Do not make it too difficult for yourself and your darling and do not hesitate to visit a grooming salon on a regular basis. In addition to a considerable study, a substantial number of practical hours ensures that you can go to these professionals not only for grooming, but also for advice! Meet ourze groomers and feel free to ask them your questions, or drop by for a chat with them.


With the same attention to which we purchase specific products and aids suitable for our children or ourselves, this is necessary for our pets too. In addition, knowing the limits of one's ability is an essential part of coat care.

First, judge whether you yourself are capable of drying the coat properly. For some tasks it is simply best to see a professional. Proper washing, drying and especially correct cutting of pets is often not easy.

If a good hairdryer or a groomer is not an option at all, then rub the dog itself dry with a towel and take a walk to help the drying process.

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