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How do I best take care of my Pomeranian/Pomeranian?

Nogga - The right care for your Pomeranian.

You are visiting our site because you, like hopefully any pet owner, want the best for their pet. Nogga isthe expert when it comes to caring for this amazing breed. We are passionate about giving our beloved pets the proper care they need so they can live happy and healthy lives. In a world of so much conflicting advice, we are committed to dispelling myths and revealing the truth about skin and coat care.

In this article, we're going to cover the most frequently asked topics, including how often to brush, wash, and so on ...

Let's start!


A Pomeranian is a dog with a double coat, which means that they molt twice a year, females also molt after they have been in heat and heavily after a litter.t.

We recommend these brushes as the best for your Pomeranian:

From left to right we have:
Biphasic spray
Flexible Slicker
Poodle comb 25 cm

The use of the above combination is very important to properly care for the skin and coat. Incorrect sprays and brushes will damage your pet's coat, sometimes irreversibly.

How to brush:

1. Place your pet somewhere safe, such as on agrooming table. Make sure your pet cannot slip / fall.
2. Shake that Biphasic spray! Then spray an even layer over your pet.
3. Gently separate the coat with your hands so you can see the skin and brush the whole body with the flexible slicker. We do not recommend using a non-flexible slicker as it is very painful for your pet.

4. Repeat step 3, but this time with the comb. This 25 cm comb has the perfect length and separation between the teeth to remove all loose hair and knots.

When you are done, your pet's coat should look like this:

The brushes can be ordered here as a set.

How often:

We recommend weekly brushing according to the above method.


We often hear that washing is bad for our pets, sometimes we hear that too much washing is bad. However, some people bathe their pets weekly which is truer?

Most of the products that wash dogs' fur and also skin are built for cosmetic purposes and are harmful to the skin. other protective elements that try to keep the skin intact This is how some arrive at the idea: Washing the dog is harmful.k.😞

Why do we only partially agree with this Nogga is the only dermacosmetic brand available for animals. We focus on coat care that gives the skin what it needs and supports and enables it to take good care of a healthy coat..

With Nogga you can wash daily and every time you would ensure that you give the skin back what it needs in the form of essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals!🤩

So now that we've cleared that myth, let's take a look at the right products to help ensure the Pomeranian's overall maintenance:

Purifying shampoo
Olive balsam
Biphasic spray

Can also be ordered as a handy set!

During the moulting / coat change phase, we recommend combining the Purifying shampoo with theBiohorse shampoo to stimulate fast and optimal coat growth.Also available in our Moulting phase / Coat growth set.

These above-mentioned combinations ensure that your pet's skin gets all the proteins, vitamins, minerals, omega fats and essential fatty acids straight to the door! The world's best takeaway!

How to wash:

1. Use lukewarm water, about 37C..
2. We recommend using the shampoos neat. Dilution is possible up to 1: 4 max.
3. Wash out thoroughly
4. Dilute the balm with warm water. This step is important because the balm has to get right down to the skin. Mix 40 grams of balm with 200 ml of water. Apply the balm mixture to the coat.
b. Brush the balm with theMaxiPin brush. This step is especially important as it ensures that the balm gets down to the skin and covers the fur.
5. Wash thoroughly
6. Remove any excess water
7. Protect the coat with Biphasic spray.
8. Dry your sweetheart thoroughly. Described below!!)

How often to wash:

  • General maintenance: We recommend washing every 3-6 weeks with the general care products.
  • Coat change / moulting phase: We recommend washing every 7-14 days with the moulting phase / coat growth products.

Sometimes our pets can seem to lose too much hair,see in our article that so much coat shedding is normal.

From what age can I wash my dog?

With Nogga you can wash your dog from day one! Because we take care of the skin, we don't use harsh chemicals that can harm puppies or young dogs. So rest assured to bathe your puppy as soon as possible. Learned young is done old!

To dry

Let's air dry our pet Do we use our hair dryer Do we buy a special dryer for dogs What is the best approach, and whyrom?

We recommend your petnever air dry. Air-drying our pet keeps the skin of our darlings moist and, combined with body heat, can lead to unbalanced yeast build-up in no time. In extreme cases, this imbalance can lead to hair loss and hair lossAlopecia X.

Your own hair dryer, preferably not. With our own hair dryers, we take way too long to get them completely dry, we risk burning our pets' sensitive skin and can easily leave the skin moist and warm - remember the yeast !.).

Thewater blower orprofessional hand dryer. By far the most ideal option and the only one recommended is to purchase a hair dryer water blower / combi dryer designed for our pet.r.

Here you can see the difference between a human hair dryer and a water blower:

If you want more information about drying,we explain here in detail what is right and wrong.

The right products:

A microfiber towel
Dryer/water blower

How to dry:

1. Use the microfiber cloth to remove the excess water, this will speed up the drying process considerably
2. Spray Biphasic spray on the coat, this protects the coat from heat damage.
3. Use the hand dryer or water blower to dry your pet completely. Use the MaxiPin brush while drying to make sure the hair dries straight.

Helpful tip:
It's always easier to dry if you don't have to hold the dryer in addition to the dog and the brush. If you don't have a water blower with a tripod, use onehands-free holder with clamp for dryers for a hand dryer or onehose support for water blowers for water blowers without stand.


Clipping nails:

As with us, our pets' nails need to be clipped regularly so that they can walk and play comfortably. We recommend using one of the following:

Thinning scissors
Electric nail file

This is how the nail should be cut:

The "living flesh" is easily visible on light-colored nails. This can be more difficult with black nails. However, we have a secret to share with you:

Cut the nail bit by bit, until you see the white circle appear in the middle. As soon as it appears, stop cutting, as further cutting can cause the nail to bleed. If the nail does bleed, don't worry. This can happen from time to time and we have a good solution for this. We recommend that you always trim your pet's nails with thee Stop bleeding powder to have on hand.

Getting your dog trimmed:

It's always great fun to wash and groom your pet, but it's also nice to sit back every now and then and let a professional do the work. We know how important it is that your pet is in the right hands and that it is with someone who is trained and knows what he / she is doing. Unfortunately, too many groomers don't have enough knowledge to care for our breed;that's why we've compiled a list of renowned salons.

Alopecia X

Unfortunately, even with the best care, Pomeranians can suffer from Alopecia X. The reasons for this can be as simple as using the wrong products / caring for the skin and coat. This type of coat shedding can normally be reversed with Nogga and the expert knowledge of our team who will help you every step of the way.

Other times, Alopecia X is not reversible. In these cases, it is still just as important, if not more important, to take care of the skin as it now no longer has the protection it needs.We have written an extensive article on this topic. If you experience any problems or are concerned that something is wrong, please contact our team immediately.

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