De grootste fout bij het wassen van onze honden en katten... 

The biggest mistake in bathing our dogs and cats ...

To clean!

When we talk about washing, the most important thing is to remove all dirt and grease with soap and to make sure there are no residues, not quite..

Maybe you think that for your pet any shampoo that smells nice or has a nice bottle is good enough because washing is bad or because you only wash him / her when necessary, not often ... But you can no longer sit next to.tten.

The biggest mistake here is not bathing our pets; it is the product we wash them with. Many shampoos are packed with strong cleansers and fragrances that are particularly harsh on the skin. When using this type of product, the good moisturizing factors are removed from the skin. Exposing the skin in this way can lead to a plethora of skin problems; dryness, sensitivity, itching, inflammation, aging, etc. And the more stressed the skin, the weaker and more sensitive it becomes.

So washing too often must definitely be bad. Many people still think this is the case for the reasons mentioned above. Even today, removing the fat layer by washing is still a major concern when bathing our pets.en.

The most important part of skin care is to have the right ingredients in the right concentrations for the best results. It is of course up to us as the owner to find a product with these properties for our pets.. 

Nogga is the only product currently available in Europe that uses organic natural active ingredients capable of supplying the skin with the nutrition it needs from the outside. Nogga is an external nutricosmetic; the term Nutricosmetic refers to supplements that can support the skin in function and quality. They can refine the structure and increase the firmness, and also support skin and coat improvement. Many macro and micronutrients are available for these effects, supported by numerous medical scientific studies. For example, micronutrients such as Retinol Vitamin A can clearly improve the firmness, while micronutrients such as vitamin C show an anti-oxidative effect. In addition, a good ratio of nutrients such as Omega-3 is indispensable for beautiful skin without skin problems, not every animal immediately experiences skin problems or physical complaints due to a deficiency, but if the animal has a weak link in the body, this can make the complaints worse or even cause. Nutricosmetic products such as Nogga have a strong influence on maintaining and creating a healthy skin and coat, and are truly indispensable in the care of our

Healthy skin is a healthy coat.

Sometimes we need a quick improvement, for example when volume is needed in a short time. For this one can use a good quality cosmetic product to achieve this temporary effect. In the following article you can read more about the use of cosmetic products vs nutricosmetic products.

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