Ben je nog steeds je huisdier aan het wassen zoals in 1999?

Are you still bathing your pet like you did in 1999?

Everyone wants the best for their pets and in the 21st century we are becoming increasingly aware of the specialized care our pets deserve and need to be happy and healthy.

I am someone who uses only the best for my pets, I make sure the product has good reviews, I do a lot of research and I want the product to do what it says. Sometimes I am guilty of buying the "big brands" by name alone, but they always have great reviews ...ūü§∑
When I first started looking for the best product for my Pomeranian, it seemed like an easy task; "Go to a store and buy a shampoo" turned into the biggest decision in my pet's life.

That may sound dramatic, but how many times have you washed and dried your pet for hours just to make your pet smell worse than before you started Or worse, your pet has itching or hair loss or dry / greasy coats after use? wash with that top brandrk‚ÄĚ?

I must confess that I have used products that are highly perfumed as it makes my dogs smell niceūü§£

And smell is incredibly important, to us ... but not to our pets! Our pets prefer the most neutral scent possible in the products we wash them with.

Armed with this information, we started to create a product that would stand out from the crowd. Unique in its own category. But how can a shampoo be different from the rest?

"It always seems impossible until it happens"

Nogga is the best thing that has ever happened to my pets skin and coat care regimen, instead of just washing my Pomeranians and removing all the "good stuff" from their skin and coat also known technically as the grease coat. I now add to the skin with the only product in Europe that really adds the essential active ingredients where they are needed; the same active ingredients that are naturally present in the skin! Of course, I only use gentle scents that don't upset my dog's sensitive nose, or mine, because my dogs never smell like a wet dog again.d.

There is beauty in simplicity and in healthy skin too.

This is a fact that is already known for human skin care as it is the leading category in the cosmetics industry at 36 and it just keeps growing..

Step into the future of fur care with Nogga and join your pet on a journey to healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

Coat care starts with Nogga.

Don't be left behind in 1999, send us a message and receive a unique skin and coat care plan for your pets today. Our satisfied customers have already experienced this:

"I am very satisfied with it, I am going to use these products more than ever before."

"Super satisfied! Right every time!"

"Delicious shampoo for the dog. You immediately notice that the coat is more beautiful."
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