Alopecia X (BSD)

Alopecia X (BSD)

I have been asked several times to write about the medical causes that affect the Pomeranians, medical causes that result in partial or total Alopecia, often with all hair falling out except the head, legs and in some cases the tail.

As many of you know I am not a vet, I have neither the science nor the resources to cure the medical cause myself, so I always refer to a dermatologist in the first instance before recommending which bath therapy protocol is best.

There are many different diseases that can cause dermatological symptoms. Symptoms such as complete Alopecia or rat tails Alopecia in the tail can be due to hormonal problems; dermatitis on the legs, around the eyes, ears, muzzle, elbows and heels. In addition, there are conditions such as Leishmania, Cushings, auto immune diseases, fungi, scabies, etc. that can play a role. I would like to emphasize that bath therapy is absolutely NOT a substitute for veterinary medicine because the above diseases cannot be diagnosed by just looking at the dog with the naked eye.jken.

Alopecia X also known as BSD in Pomeranians occurs in multiple races and not just Pomeranians and for this reason I treat the Poms as I would treat any other breed, I look at the symptoms and treat them with bath therapy. This method is also known as symptomatic therapy. In many cases this is sufficient in itself, but in other cases, such as in the above diseases, it is necessary to combine the bath therapy with medication.tie.

I would like to emphasize this because I don't want people to think that the Nogga method is trying to infringe on veterinary medicine, this is absolutely not the case. The next thing I am going to share is my personal point of view that I have formed over the years using my empirical work experiences with bath therapies and derma cosmetic products.n.

Currently we are talking about a disease with 2 names, confusing symptoms, no cause; and according to many no chance of a cure: Alopecia X and BSD Black Skin Disease. I may not be the most appropriate person to talk to about this condition, but dare say no one can really discuss this condition in detail. As soon as you try to find a little more information about these conditions you will see that it is really just a name with no real symptoms, causes or solutions.ingen.

In the past people often talked about Alopecia X nowadays it is called BSD but in many cases the skin does not turn black and we are talking about a skin condition that can be treated well by means of castration in males and sterilization in females because there is a link between reproduction. hormones and skin receptors. Not all Poms respond positively to the surgeryde operatie*)

As a groomer and not a veterinarian, I believe there have been many cases of skin incapable of producing new hair. In these cases of Alopecia X we then use derma cosmetic products using the Nogga method to provide the skin with what it needs to heal and take care of the hair again.n.

I believe that Pomeranians are a race with weak skin and therefore, in addition to hormonal problems, the bad practices result in even sicker skin. Breeders, groomer and veterinarians please observe the following points:

*Post Trimming Alopecia: This has been described in veterinary medicine for years as Alopecia caused by machine trimming of double-coated dogs. This can cause problems in most breeds that are temporary or permanent. Why should this not cause problems in today's breeds I would like to address the groomers for a moment: it is absolutely out of the question to machine trim a Pomeranian as it can cause problems with the coat growing back. There are Pomeranians where the coat really grows back, the question is whether this will stay that way in the long term..

*The use of Premium Cosmetics to remove the fat layer; if in breeds with a spectacular coat the skin already has problems maintaining the fat layer and protecting the hair and skin, what does it do for weak, sensitive or hyper reactive skin Removing the fat layer can lead to serious problems..

* Breeders and handlers; there is a way of working which I find absolutely absurd, working under the motto of A Pomeranian should have a lot of volume so we should not over moisturize the skin and hair and brush out the undercoat as little as possible. The hair must be very hydrated, use high-quality products and you will see that hydration and volume are not incompatible. In addition, it is essential that the undercoat is brushed so that the dog does not overheat during the summer months. In addition, this also ensures that the hair follicle is empty and is able to create new hair without having to force the old out. Doing this will also make the coat more beautiful after moulting. During a heavy molt, for example from puppy coat to adult coat and in the winter period, it is advisable to feed fatty acid supplements, protein and vitamins to create the new coatht

I am of the opinion that the Pomeranians do not suffer from any breed specific disease as these problems are common to other breeds and even mixed breeds. However, I do believe that this breed is more prone to problems than other breeds. I believe problem prevention is crucial and recommend using Purifying shampoo as it is rich in protein, vitamins and humectants. Olive balsam is rich in Omega fats and contains natural ingredients against itching and respects the natural volume of the coat. Once applied, brush through the coat to distribute evenly and to ensure balm is spread right down to the skin. It is always recommended to dilute it and wash it at least once every 15 days. In between washes, use Biphasic spray before brushing.

Written by Marc Fox - Specialist in Bath Therapy, derma cosmetic products, ozone therapy and the application of the NOGGA METHOD.

*From my point of view it is a good choice to neuter all dogs with skin problems, as discontinuing breeding of animals with skin conditions will help ensure a brighter future for a beautiful breed like the Pomeranian without Alopecia. In some cases, neutering can help the coat to grow back, but when it doesn't, at least it helps stop the problems that cause dogs without hair.

Translation done by Nogga Netherlands and Belgium.
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