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Ichthyosis bij de Golden Retriever

Ichthyosis in the Golden Retriever

GoldenIchthyosisis a harmful and incurable hereditary disease. The first symptoms are manifested between 1 and 18 months due to the multiplication of large dandruff. These are visible on the back and stomach and the skin is dry, flaky and hyperpigmented....

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Voorkomen is een stuk effectiever

Prevention is a lot more effective

“Nogga is for problem coats only” Nonsense! Prevention is better than cure anyway? 3 of our 4 product lines are designed to support healthy skin, with a direct effect on the coat. Nutri-cosmetic products are designed for long-term care as...

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Plukken - luxe of noodzaak?

Picking - luxury or necessity?

Proper technique is essential for plucked dogs. A woolly or soft plucked coat can be restored. When a plucking coat is more woolly than coarse due to improper plucking techniques, it is important that plucking sessions are light and frequent.Why The...

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